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Worship Service

Sunday Worship Service @ 10:00 am 
We are now meeting indoors for in person worship services.   Sermons can also be viewed on our Facebook page.  Please feel to join us in person or online. 
It’s the goal of Seacoast Chapel to help connect people to God and to life long friends. We are a modern, casual, and loving church that is committed to helping people find hope in God.
Our dream is to build a relevant and loving faith community that connects whole families to God, that results in genuine lifelong friendships, authentic spiritual growth, and meaningful service.
Our Church Reponse to COVID-19
“I wear a mask because Jesus told us to love others.”
“I don’t wear a mask because Jesus told us to trust God.”
“Not wearing a mask is selfish.”
“Forcing your mask policy on others is selfish.”
“Masks save lives. Look it up. There’s tons of research online that proves it.”
“Masks are useless. Look it up. There’s tons of research online that proves it.”
“Covid is more dangerous than the vaccine.”
“The vaccine is more dangerous than Covid.”
Doing church in the time of Covid has been a huge challenge. Nothing has been black and white. Nothing has been simple.Nothing has been easy. Yet, everyone thinks it’s black and white. Everyone is certain of their righteous position. Everyone has the science, the data, the latest news.
Here at Seacoast Chapel, we are doing our best to navigate the deep waters that the pandemic has plunged us into. We’ve got people on both sides of the debate. In an effort to clarify what you can expect when you visit our church, we’ve outlined our current approach to Covid.
If you are comfortable attending in-person services, you will find some people are masked and some people are not. At this time the State of Maine is not mandating masks, and so we are not either. Chairs are distanced, but social distance is not mandatory. We encourage you to interact with others in the way that you are most comfortable. You will be respected no matter how you are choosing to respond to the pandemic. If you are uncomfortable interacting with unmasked individuals, we ask that you maintain your distance. If someone is wearing a mask and you are not, we ask that you be sensitive to the possibility that they may be uncomfortable being too close. With all that said, it is our position that everyone knows what is best for themselves and everyone is responsible for their own decisions. We have messages online for anyone who is not comfortable with in-person services. We have in-person services for anyone who is not comfortable with online messages. We welcome you wherever you’re at in this journey and will continue to do our best to accommodate everyone. My God bless you and keep you safe during these uncertain times.
228 Buxton Rd Saco, ME  04072 (map)
(207) 282-3000