Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions all the time, here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t below, please feel free to use the contact form below to ask us!

What times are the weekend services held?

Morning Worship
Sunday 10:00am 

What’s your church like?

We are a modern, casual, loving church that is committed to helping people find hope in God, develop their faith in Christ, and love others in our community and throughout the world. We do this by conducting energizing, insightful weekend services and by connecting people to one another in community groups and volunteer teams.

What can I expect? What happens at a typical service?

The Sunday experience can change a bit from week to week, but they’re usually tied together in multi-week teaching series. Expect a typical service to last a little over an hour with some live music, a talk from one of our pastors, and a variety of other media elements (video clip, musical performance, etc.).

Is anyone going to ask me for money?

Of course! In fact, over and over again. Why else would we want you to come? Okay, the truth is that we will receive an offering during the service, and occasionally there may be some talk about strategic opportunities to give. But, Seacoast Chapel is definitely not the kind of place that’s going to make you feel like it’s always begging you for your money. Please know that as our guest, we don’t want you to feel any compulsion whatsoever to give in the offering. Just enjoy your time and let us know if we can do anything for you.

What do you talk about?

The message each week is intended to teach a point from the Bible that intersects your life, no matter where you may be in your faith journey. We certainly aren’t trying to simply convey information for information’s sake, but help you relate your life to the Bible (you’d be surprised just how relevant this ancient collection of writings is to your 21st-century life) and better understand the reason why you can have hope and trust in God.

What about my kids?

We have exciting, age-appropriate environments for your whole family. Kids are welcome to come in the service with you, but honestly, they’ll have a lot more fun in their own place. Plan to come about 10 minutes early on your first visit so you have plenty of time to register your kids. For more information about the what’s available, check out our “CHILDREN” section on our home page.

How do I become a member at Seacoast Chapel?

First of all, the word “member” is sometimes confusing. Many people begin attending and really enjoy their experience, and perhaps even begin getting involved in a small group or volunteer team. They come to feel that Seacoast Chapel is “their” church, and for all practical purposes consider themselves a member. We want you to know that if this is “your” church, then this is your church! That means you’re considered part of this church family, and that you can count on the staff and leadership team to walk alongside you on your spiritual journey. 

That all said, there does exist this other level of relationship, which traditionally in churches has been called “membership,” but for our purposes is more like a partnership. This partnership is for those who want to deepen their commitment to their church. If you consider yourself a part of this church, you should feel you can count on us (for teaching, spiritual leadership, caring for your whole family, etc.), but this ministry partnership is an opportunity for you to say, “You can count on me.”

If you want to learn more about membership or getting more deeply involved with the work at Seacoast Chapel, join us at one of our quarterly 4 week Membership Courses. Contact the church office 207-282-3000 for sign up details.

How can I get involved in a connect group at Seacoast Chapel?
Connect groups are a great way to start friendships and grow in our relationship with God. Connect groups meet regularly to encourage, support, and help one another on their spiritual journey. There are many groups to choose from and it is never too late to join!  A list of the current active groups is found on the GROW page of this website.

Not sure which group is for you? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your connect group questions and assist you in finding a group that’s right for you!

How do I reach a Pastor in an emergency?
In most cases a pastor can be reached by calling the church office at (207) 282-3000. After normal office hours you will be prompted to leave a message and a phone number. A pastor will then return your call as soon as possible.